Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bedrest: Why I really blog.

Ah, pain. There's nothing like a good, refreshing kick in the mouth to brighten your day. And blood! What a lovely, heartwarming substance. And I am absolutely obsessed with nausea-it's such a treat to feel like the room is spinning all the time. 
A carnival ride.
That's what getting your wisdom teeth out feels like: a carnival ride after being kicked in the jaw and force fed blood.
SUCH an amusement! And I only have to much??
Oh happy day! Yes, yes, slice me open!! Saw them off! You wonderful, beautiful doctor, you!
I think this experience would have been less joyful if I hadn't woken up during the operation. Anesthesia shmanesthesia, right when they hit that lower right nerve I was AWAKE! And feeling it all, hallelujah!
And doctor, the screaming and crying and convulsing that then ensued I SWEAR was out of excitement and admiration of your skill, NOT sheer terror or excruciating pain. As if!
Really, it's a shame you can only get your wisdom teeth out once.

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Mary T said...

Oh my word! I had no idea you woke up during it all!!! I feel so sorry for you!!! Please, please, please pray that this does not happen to me next week and I will pray that you do NOT get a dry socket because I did and it was ten times worse than getting them out in the first place. Loves! PS - Cute blog!