Thursday, January 5, 2012

pow·er (pou r) n. 1. The ability or capacity to perform or act effectively.

I am not an author. Truly gifted writers are able to create an alternate reality so vivid they inspire a basis of followers that believe in the writer's world so passionately, they cannot imagine their lives without that drop of magic an author gives to them.
I am not a painter. Real, natural artists are able to envelope scores of people at any time by capturing an instant and regurgitation it onto a canvas, flawlessly preserving the original sparkle of that moment in time.
I am not an actor. Honest, talented actors can become anyone they choose in order to sweep an entire theater into an imagined land, forgetting the harsh realities of their own sad existences.
I am not a singer. Breathtaking performers have an innate charisma that draws wandering, unhinged souls and completes what they are lacking through a melodic transplant of mind and heart.
What I am not, is clear and substantial. Obvious.
But what am I?

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Mary T said...

I am taking on the assumption (yes, I know what assuming something does to both you and me) that this is how you feel. If it is only pretty words and prose for fun, wonderful and carry on. If it is just a way of saying that you like all of those things but you're not crazy enough in love with them to become one (and you are still looking for that love), then I say, carry on, you'll find it.

If it is, in fact, how you feel - you feel it is clear and substantially obvious that you are not these people then you are so full of bull crap! Yes, I'm about to pick a fight with you. (And... you almost made me swear which since I think you know me decently well, you will agree is gigantically huge.) Young lady, you are absolutely all of these things and SO MUCH MORE than it all put together. I felt very similar to this when I was your age and what you need to realize is that it does not matter what you are or are not. What matters is what you WANT to be. Do you want to be an author? Then be one... and I have NO DOUBT that if you make that decision, IT. IS. DONE. And guess what? Life changes constantly and you can decide today to be a singer and tomorrow, an actor. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, yes, Mary, I know I'm supposed to think that I can do anything, but in reality, I paint ok, but not flawlessly preserving sparkles... blah, blah, blah. And I might agree that it might be the case at this current moment in time. What differentiates you from that person who paints sparkles? That is what you focus on. You focus on sparkles. YOU GO BECOME. IT. IS. DONE.

I am not a deep minded person but I can promise that there is at least one person (though I could guarantee more) who believes in your world so passionately that they cannot imagine their lives without you. Anyone who interacts with you on a regular basis can have that sparkle in their lives without worrying about preserving it (though I am a huge proponent of photographs - heh). You can make anyone forget the harsh realities of their own sad existence an you have plenty of charisma to draw all kinds, not just wandering and unhinged, souls to complete them.

That's all I'm saying.