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New Zealand

In New Zealand, I had the best pizza on the planet.

I know I know, I was just in ROME, you know, ITALY, where pizza ORIGINATED. And that pizza was good. I ate it practically every day. But in my New Zealand journal I have a map, and on that map I have an arrow pointing to Blenheim in the South Island and a picture of a smiling pizza because IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.
I know that's not exactly what you expected as an intro to one of the most magnificent countries in the world, I could have talked about the Southern Alps or Hobbiton or the beaches or for heaven's sake the 14 hour plane ride. But that pizza....

 Was not better than all of that other stuff. I'll be real, I just didn't know how to introduce New Zealand. It's a hard place to describe, and since I spent the majority of the trip looking out the passenger side window (that's on the left, people. So wrong.), gaping and quite literally drooling over the paradisaical glory that IS this island, this post could be a list of long adjectives, all of which would fall entirely short and my description would be completely inadequate.
As, I assure you, this one will be.
This trip was basically me and Dudley, driving around for ten days. Seriously, we from from Auckland to Taupo to Wellington to Greymouth to Rohan, and all the way up again. New Zealand may look small next to whopping Australia, but let me tell you, after driving around it for ten days, I still haven't seen 10% of the beauty and majesty this country has to offer. The biggest surprise to me was it's DIVERSITY. Not necessarily people wise, they were basically all Kiwis that said "G-day mate" and "lippy", I mean landscape wise. In elementary school I had to do an ecological diagram and report on a certain habitat. I wanted 'rainforest' but I was stuck with 'wetland', I didn't even get 'grassland' or 'desert' or 'mountain range' or something remotely exciting. Wetland. But that's not the point, the point is that New Zealand has all of those habitats.
Seriously, you're driving at five in the morning through the rainforest, you fall asleep and apparently go through a mountain range and an hour later you're awake and in the middle of the desert. You're so confused and groggy and stiff because you've sat in a car for ten days and by the time you think all of these thoughts you see the ocean and miles of beach. I swear I'm not exaggerating.

Now, adhering to tradition (set by the ONE previous post...), it is time for me to post the one picture, one word, and one event that best describes my trip to New Zealand. The picture is this:
Reasons. This picture was taken off the side of the road, which is perfect because we LITERALLY drove for ten days. We were just whipping around the curvy, narrow roads of this particular mountainside when I insisted we pull over to get a picture of the beautiful mist on these hills. We got out, Dudley got out his camera, and I realized the breathtaking quality of the area I was in. It was a 360 degree view, I was engulfed by some of the greatest of God's creations looming all around me. My arms are outstretched, embracing the vast wonder of the possibility of such perfection. How did I get here and how can I stay?! It's kind of a "Can you believe this?!" gesture, I guess.

New Zealand cannot be put into a word, but if I had to, I would say Serene. Defined, it is calm, peaceful, or tranquil; unruffled or clear; fair. The landscape, the weather, the people, all were so settled and so perfect. New Zealand, the land and the people, move with the storms and enjoy the sun when it shines. It is a paradise, an incomprehensible heaven that takes root in the soul and grows there, making every other part of that soul's self more beautiful. 

Here is an excerpt from my New Zealand journal:
"Today we went to Weta Studios, where they do the special effects for movies like The Lord of The Rings and Avatar. It was so amazing, they make all these perfect models of what they create: everything from green-screen filming to computer animation to weaponry to robots. We happened to be there THE DAY they started filming The Hobbit. I tried all the doors so I could sneak onto the set. I had this vision of myself bursting through the door and stumbling into Elijah Wood. In this vision he looked at me from those gorgeous blue eyes and cried, 'I MUST have this girl as my elf queen! Cast her!' Alas, no such luck."
I know Elijah Wood is not in The Hobbit, people, but it's my fantasy and I'll include who I like, thank you. 
Until the next trip, so long, loves!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

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