Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer. Ahhhh.

Today was beautiful. I mean B-E-A-youtiful. I cannot wait for summer, when I don't have to wear shoes or pants or parkas and I can just picnic and sunbathe my time away.
The world is so different when it's warm. It's living and breathing and growing,one can just decide to take a walk or sketch a tree or do eight cartwheels in a row without bundling or preparing.
Garden parties, that's what.
And ice cream.
Summer means the end of school, and for most people the end of Western. But not me. *thiiiiiird yeeear* shudder.
I can't deal with the excitement. I feel like a child day dreaming out a window in math class, picturing sprinklers and popsicles and sidewalk chalk (all activities my 19-year-old-self unabashedly participates in). I want jelly shoes and a Little Mermaid swimsuit and Trafalga coupons!

Summer. Ahhhhh.