Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bleck! My future career path!

Writing for a living is the pits.

Okay, I just wrote that so you all (all one of you who read my blog [that one is myself]) would be like, "What?! She's a writer?!" And I'd be all, "Yeah, freelance." And you'd be all, "That's amazing!" But then the whole time you'd be thinking, "Gee, I'm the only person who reads this blog, and it's terrible. The world of literature is going fearfully downhill. And fast." And then I'd be like, "Hey! I don't even write literature!" And then we'd get into what I really write, which is much too sad to even discuss to myself on this page. I digress.

Writing for a living is the pits. That's why this blog is so terrible. And my writing exercises that I always say I'm going to do and then post so I'm not so scared of people (meaning, no one) reading what I write, they never happen. I'm not even halfway through my intended degree and I'm already frustrated. But then, I see magic like THIS:
And I cry and punch myself to sleep because I will never think of such marvelous literature.
But then the message J.K. Rowling is trying to tell my life comes through and I'm all, "female power! I'm going to write the best book ever!"
And then I take one look at Emma Watson and I think, "wow, she's so successful. She was successful when she was eleven years old. I suck at LIFE I'm never going to do ANYTHING worthwhile!"
But then I think about people who WEREN'T famous at eleven and the list is much longer, so I feel better because I'm only 20 but then I think, "what do I have to show for those 20 years of life?! GAH!"

And so on and so forth. So I stalk more Youtube videos and now I give you this:

And I'm all, uh, should I be taking that seriously? At first I thought SATIRE! but now I'm thinking GENIUS! and I can't figure out which one is more effective. And then I jump back and forth between reading Anna Karenina and The Last Tycoon and I just...

I miss school. That's all.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Also, there's this

57 Days

Today's Projects. I feel like my days are filled to the brim with small project after small project. My to do list is as long as Craig's arm (and that's saying something), and it seems that no matter how much I chip away at it, it actually gets longer. And to think, I used to LAUGH at people who eloped...