Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Wedding Day: The Finale

Basically, I love the man I married and I'm so grateful for him in my life. Every day as his wife has been an adventure, one that I never expected but could never replace. It's amazing to come home every day and see him there, to wake up in the middle of the night to him beside me, to panic about one silly thing or another but not have to do it alone.

Craig and I are not exactly what I always pictured: we're poor as hell and we fight all the time and we live in a huge empty house, but I guess when life turns out differently than what you planned for yourself, it's probably God stepping in and making sure you don't make some stupid choice that will sacrifice all of your future happiness. Riding the waves that led to this shoreline was the best choice I could have made, and the new life ahead of me looks shinier and newer than the old ever could.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Wedding Day Part IV (Bridals)

I have to admit, one of the most exciting things, for me, is having my bridals that I can look at and print after the wedding.

First thing's first, my lovely photographer and wonderful friend Mary Taylor took these photos. She's great to work with and always spends time and effort to make her photos amazing. Take a look at her website for her pricing and availability details.

I got my dress custom made from an Etsy shop, which you can oogle at here. I totally recommend Yuan, who made my dress, if you have plenty of time between ordering and your wedding. When I received my dress it was beyond perfect, it didn't need any alterations and was so much cheaper than anything I could find in a store. Be brave and do something different--you won't regret it in the end! I sure didn't! 

These were taken at a public, free place in Sugar house called Garden Park Ward. It's technically the back of a church building, but it is so beautiful, photographers love it.

The First Look!

These were taken at The Lion House in Salt Lake City, Utah. They charge a small per hour fee but the building is absolutely beautiful, with a very vintage, antique feel. It's an old home that has been in SLC since the pioneers settled here, and is technically a reception center as well. For more information visit their website or take a virtual tour.

Friday, July 26, 2013

My Wedding Day Part III (The deceitful dance)

You may or may not be surprised to hear that this wasn't my idea. My dad really wanted to do this 'special dance', so we put it together about a week and a half before the wedding. We didn't tell anyone about it (except my mom and siblings), and with the whole family in town it became very difficult to sneak out of the house and practice every day. In the end (even with some technical difficulties) it was worth all the work and the deceit!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Wedding Day part II

The flowers were done by Heather, a great friend
who did me a huge favor!
Because I'm slightly OCD, I can't post this massive event unless there is some order to it.
 So this post is going to be about 

The Details

The Draper temple and the fast approaching storm. It only rains
in Utah in May on my wedding day.

This was my beautiful bouquet! 
At the reception we had a trifle bar, which was basically a whole table of great food that you mixed and called it dessert. We had all these recipes posted in frames on the table that said "Blueberry Lemon Trifle" and then gave you the ingredients to put in your cup to make that trifle. It was amazing, all courtesy of my mom and the wonderful ladies in our ward who helped cook and bake all day!

This was over our gift table. Look at the bruisy knees.

This was our sign-in: Instead of a book everyone signed, we had vintage post cards for everyone to choose and write on. Now we have this great album of postcards from everyone at our wedding!

Our reception center was called "Bella Vista". It is in Lindon, UT
and we were so pleased with it. It's an indoor reception
hall on the top floor of an office building, and at night
the view is so gorgeous. They do decorations if you ask
and they do all the set up and take down. The cafe lights and
white lanterns on the ceiling were something that came with
the venue, and we paid extra for the starry backdrop behind the
head table. You can go to their website to look at more pictures
of the venue here.  
The "Head Table" with our bridal party
This was our thank you gift--a molasses cookie with the story
of how we met (and how molasses cookies played a part in that!)

The decorations were a collaboration between me, my mother, and my
friends who helped me scour thrift stores and garage sales for months
before May 28th. Most things were vintage or bought second hand.
I had boxes of glass ware in my garage for months, but it made the whole
feel of the reception so perfect, and it lowered the cost of the wedding!

This was where our ring ceremony was held. We had
already been officially married in the Draper temple
that morning, but we wanted to do a laid back
ceremony that included those of our family who
could not attend the temple ceremony.