Monday, December 16, 2013

Why I am a Terrible Blogger.

Let's talk: Why I am a terrible blogger.
In List form, lovelies.

#A) I feel like I have literally no time in my schedule to perform a superfluous task like blogging. Would blogging be a superfluous task if I was any good at it? No! Would it feel superfluous if anyone actually read my blog and enjoyed it? No! Would it be superfluous if I had exciting life events to write about so I could show off to the whole world wide web community that only exists abstractly? Of course not! Is the word superfluous starting to lose its meaning because I've used it too much? Yes. Yes it is.

#B) I'm trying to write a book. Laughable, admittedly, but time consuming: absolutely. Whenever I have random free time between school and work and cleaning and cooking and etc. and I feel the desire to write, I turn to that 52 page monster. (yeah, 52 pages, I'm going to be wildly optimistic and exclaim that that is an accomplishment worth noting!)

#C) I get discouraged. I stare at blogs all the days (at work, between working and pretending to work) and they are soooo interesting and fun to look at and, well, not about someone's boring life like mine is. Blogging is like internet cheerleading: One girl thinks she's super good at backflips until she joins the cheer squad and then sees another girl doing double back flips and she's all, "Oh crap, I didn't know people were doing doubles!" so she practices her cartwheels and becomes exceptional at those but then sees the cheer captain doing ariels and she thinks, "no hands?!" This is my life, but I'm the cheerleader in the corner still doing somersaults.

#D) I'm poor, so I can't do a fashion blog, I'm renting so I can't do a home DIY blog, I'm a student so I can't do a writing blog, I'm boring so I can't do a lifestyle blog, and I'm not very funny, which rules out basically all other options except porn. Which I'm not pretty enough to do.

#E) I consider THIS a blog post. Do you see why you never actually visit this site? Don't feel guilty, I understand. I wouldn't either. I don't, actually, HENCE the month of empty-no-blogging-ness.

And this, my friends, was my 100th blog post. Happy Birthday, meaningless words.

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Natasha said...

I love your blog. I love what you post and your random thoughts. Keep at it, lady. (: